Ankle arthrosis

The upper ankle consists of three bones, the anklebone (talus), shin bone (tibia) and fibula. It works like a hinge. The bones are covered by joint cartilage that absorbs the shocks. In the context of arthrosis at the ankle (joint wear and tear), the joint cartilage wears down, as with other joints. As a result, the joint function is disturbed and the range of motion of the joint is restricted.

The arthrosis can have different causes. At the upper ankle it occurs mainly as a result of ankle injuries. Pain on exertion is the main symptom of ankle arthrosis. Recurrent swelling in the ankle area is also common. In advanced stages, mobility in the upper ankle is also restricted. An increasing misalignment in the ankle region can also be observed.

Therapie von Sprung­gelenks­arthrose bei OA Priv. Doz. Dr. Reinhard Schuh

In mild stages of osteoarthritis of the ankle, the therapy is not carried out surgically. This includes physical measures and physiotherapy as well as cushioning insoles and orthopaedic shoes. Injections into the ankle to reduce joint irritation or preparations to support cartilage formation can be helpful.

If these measures are no longer sufficient, an operation must be performed on the ankle. If the arthrosis is not very pronounced, minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery or axial corrections lead to success.

In the case of terminal arthrosis, joint stabilization (arthrodesis) or the artificial joint (endoprosthesis) is required. 

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