Hollow foot

The hollow foot of the adult is a malposition, which is characterized by a "high instep" and a "bow leg" of the ankle. This can be congenital or due to neurological damage as well as longstanding collateral ligament instabilities.

The malposition is characterized by the fact that the foot rolls more over the outside of the foot. This causes strain and foot pain. A hollow foot can also lead to frequent outward twisting. The malposition causes an asymmetrical load on the joint, which causes premature wear and tear.

Consultation and therapy of hollow feet at OA Priv. Doz. Dr. Reinhard Schuh

As an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in feet, I would be happy to advise you on foot problems that occur due to a hollow foot. After an imaging clarification, I will suggest possible therapeutic procedures. In mild forms of hollow foot positions, a supply of shoe insoles can be applied. Orthopaedic shoe fittings or a custom-made shoe can also be used. If this is no longer possible, I recommend a foot operation, which, as an orthopaedic surgeon, I myself could perform.


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