Fußschmerzen am Mittelfuß

The foot is divided into three parts: The forefoot, the hindfoot and the metatarsus. Pain can occur in the area of the metatarsus (especially on the sole of the foot and in the ankle area) as a result of injury, excessive strain or misalignment.

The most common misalignment that lead to foot pain on the sole of the foot are the hollow foot and the flat foot. Permanent misalignment or strain on the feet can result in a heel spur (calcaneal spur), which causes very unpleasant pain in the heel area of the sole of the foot. Arthrosis could also cause discomfort in the metatarsus (especially in the connecting joints between the tarsal and metatarsal bones). Metatarsus arthrosis causes pain in the area along the arch of the foot.

Häufige Krankheits­bilder bei Fuß­schmerzen im Mittelfuß:

  • hollow foot
  • Flat Foot
  • Mittelfuß Arthrose
  • Heel spur

Beratungs­gespräch und Therapie bei Fußschmerzen im Mittelfuß

Should you have foot pain on the sole or across the instep of your foot, I will be happy to advise you as a foot orthopaedic surgeon in my practice.

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