Splayfoot - unstable toe joint

What is a splayfoot? Splayfoot is a common foot misalignment of the forefoot. In the case of a splayfoot, the transverse arch of the foot is usually sunk due to excessive strain. The metatarsal bones move apart instead of pointing straight forward. Thus the forefoot is greatly widened. The splayfoot often causes shoes to become too tight at the forefoot, which can cause pain. In addition, the changed load places a great deal of strain on the metatarsal bones of the 2nd to 4th toe in particular. Not infrequently, other painful foot diseases such as hallux valgus or hallux rigidus subsequently follow from a splayfoot.

The advantages of my private practice are that you do not have long waiting times, I can take enough time for you and appointments are usually available at short notice. causes. für den Spreizfuß sind eine Schwäche des Bindegewebes, Übergewicht oder zu enges Schuhwerk. Häufiger sind Frauen von dieser Fehlstellung betroffen.

Treatment of splayfoot misalignment in OA Priv. Doz. Dr. Reinhard Schuh

If the malposition is not yet very pronounced, conservative therapy without surgery is always carried out. This includes the use of a tape bandage which stabilizes the joint and thus reduces strain on the foot.

This should reduce joint irritation and allow small cracks to heal. Physiotherapy and physical measures can also be applied. If there is no improvement through non-operative procedures or if there is already a pronounced malposition, an operation on the foot may be necessary.

Depending on the extent, a shirring suture of the 'plantar plate' and/or a shortening of the metatarsal bone to reduce the pressure is performed. In the case of very strong forms, the relocation of tendons may also be necessary.

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"Gehen Sie barfuß auf dem Zehenballen mehrere Schritte. Die Ferse ist angehoben. Täglich wiederholt, unterstützt diese Übung die Verbesserung von Schmerzen in der Fußsohle, die durch einen Plattfuß bedingt sind. "

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"Gehen Sie barfuß auf den Fußinnenkanten mehrere Schritte. Täglich wiederholt, hilft dies Übung Plattfuß, Sprunggelenksinstabilität und Hallux Valgus zu verbessern. "

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