Misalignment in the ankle can cause problems. Misalignments occur as a result of injuries or simply the patient’s congenital predisposition. The most common misalignments are called varus ("bow legs") or valgus ("knock knees"). On the one hand, the misalignment impairs the gait pattern, on the other hand it leads to unequal load distribution of the foot and ankle. If the misalignment is not treated, pain and even premature wear and tear can result.

Therapy for ankle instability with OA Priv. Doz. Dr. Reinhard Schuh

If the misalignment is not very pronounced, the load distribution is suitably adjusted by inlays in the shoe. For more severe misalignments, orthopaedic shoe adjustment or wearing orthopaedic shoes can also be useful.

Should these measures not lead to any improvement, I recommend axis correction operations, which I carry out as an orthopaedic surgeon. This involves changing the position of the heel bone or tibia and then fixing the bone in the new position. In this way the problems and the incorrect strain are eliminated and you can go your way again without pain.

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